How do I advertise my clinic with Compare Cosmetica?

Joining is easy – head to our Join Page, choose from our Basic, Pro or Ultimate plans and start connecting with customers.

How often do I get billed for my Compare Cosmetica account?

After your 14-day FREE Trial ends, your billing cycle will begin and your account will be charged monthly.

What amount will be charged my Compare Cosmetica account?

The monthly amount charged depends on the Compare Cosmetica plan you have chosen, Basic, Pro or Ultimate. You can view our plan rates here

How do I see what subscription I am on?

Log into MY ACCOUNT in the top right corner, then choose MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS to view and edit your subscription.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Remember you can always pause your account, or reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions. If you do need to cancel we’ll be sorry to see you go! – just follow these steps to cancel your account: Log into MY ACCOUNT in the top right corner, choose MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS, then […]

What if I am a franchisee and have multiple locations?

Our subscription prices are per location, however, instead of creating a new account for a different location you can simply add an additional location to your account and a new subscription will be updated with additional payments for the added clinic.

How do I add an additional location if I am a franchisee?

Log into MY ACCOUNT in the top right corner, then choose ADD LOCATION in the left side menu and follow the payment process to checkout.

How do I copy my existing clinic treatments and packages to my new additional location?

If you operate multiple clinics, the ‘Copy Treatments’ duplicate feature on Compare Cosmetica can be a valuable time-saving tool. This feature is available on the Pro and Ultimate Plans ONLY, so make sure your plans are the same to allow the duplicate feature (eg. Pro Plan copies to another Pro Plan). Log into MY ACCOUNT […]