|2 June, 2023

Expand your clinic’s reach: How to maximise your listing on Compare Cosmetica

Don’t let valuable leads slip away with incomplete profiles or treatments.

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As Australia’s first beauty comparison website, Compare Cosmetica attracts thousands of customers looking for safe, qualified and trusted providers like you. Don’t let valuable leads slip away with incomplete profiles or treatments. Take full advantage of your Compare Cosmetica listing and unlock its true potential with these top 5 tips.

When it comes to your skin, informed decision-making is key.
— Compare Cosmetica
  1. It’s All in the Details:

To maximise your chances of success, invest time in creating your detailed and comprehensive clinic profile. Upgrade to the Ultimate plan to unlock advanced features like the Clinic Gallery where you can showcase compelling before and after photos. This allows potential customers to visualise the results they can expect from your services, building trust and confidence in your clinic.

  1. Bundle & Save

With so many treatments on offer, it’s easy for customers to feel overwhelmed. Help them make the right decision and amplify your exposure by showcasing tailored treatment bundles. Utilise the Packages section on Compare Cosmetica to upload your bundles, highlighting treatment inclusions and cost-saving benefits. By providing bundled options, you not only attract more customers but also encourage them to commit to multiple treatments, boosting your revenue and loyalty.

  1. Increase Visibility

Think of your treatments as little billboards advertising your brand. The more treatments you list, the greater the chances of customers finding your clinic in searches. Comprehensive listings maximise your visibility. So ensure you load treatment variations for every body part, allowing customers to search, filter and compare exactly what they’re looking for – from head to toe and everything in between. Not enough space left in your current plan? Upgrade and start adding more treatments to amplify your visibility.

  1. Time Saving Tips

If you operate multiple clinics, the ‘Copy Treatments’ duplicate feature on Compare Cosmetica can be a valuable time-saving tool. By copying existing clinic treatments and packages, you can efficiently populate your listings without starting from scratch. This feature is available on the Pro and Ultimate Plans, streamlining your management process and allowing you to save time and focus on delivering exceptional service. Just make sure your plans are the same to utilise the duplicate feature (eg. Pro Plan copies treatments or packages to another Pro Plan).

  1. Unlock More Features

Unlock advanced upselling features by upgrading to the Ultimate Plan on Compare Cosmetica. Leverage the ‘Why choose us?’ feature to provide additional information about your clinic, highlighting key selling features such as your extensive experience, highly skilled team, qualifications and industry awards. You can also utilise this feature for individual treatments, reassuring customers that your clinic uses the latest industry-leading technology and advanced medical-grade equipment. These added details will help you stand out from competitors in searches, build confidence for anyone new to skin treatments and also attract more advanced, knowledgeable customers. Upgrade to the Ultimate plan now.

Listing your clinic on Compare Cosmetica offers extensive opportunities to expand your reach and attract high-quality customers. By optimising your clinic profile and tapping into advanced features, you can maximise the benefits of Compare Cosmetica’s platform. Take advantage of Australia’s premier beauty comparison website, amplify your exposure and start connecting with more beauty lovers.